Alykes, a remarcable wetland habitat of Zante

The island of Zakynthos offers great possibilities for bird watching, specifically in the lake of Alykes

In the past and for many years the area of Alykes in Zante was a place to harvest sea salt. In fact, in the Greek language, Alykes means salt repository.

In order to harvest the salt, sea water was directed through a canal to a shallow lake. Later on the canal was shield and the salt was revealed after the water had been evaporated by the sun.

Today the place does not function any more as a salt repository,  although the shallow lake is there and has created an amazing scenery.

What is more important is that Alykes lake has createdas a habitat place for many different kind of birds. One can observe birds like Ardeinae (more specific the kind of A. cinerea) , Charadrius dubius,  Tringa glareola and many more

It worthwhile mentioning that Alykes is just one more place for birdwatching in the island. So for the ones who love bird watching Zante is a destination that must be considered.