Keri MTB trail

Ride through a pine forest, ancient olive groves, traditional cottages, geological formations and admire the fantastic view to the National Marine Park. Moderately difficult course

Cape Keri is at the South West edge of Zakynthos and covers an area form the West rocky coasts to Laganas Bay.

The route goes around the Cape from Faros (Lighthouse) to Marathias, with it’s really beautiful beaches. Along the course you’ll meet elements of the rural history of the island, ancient olive groves, and a traditional farmed valley with drystone walls. Besides the wonderful ocean view in every direction, the rider will also come across the remarkable geological formation of “Mizithres” (known from Homers “Odyssey”).

The course is moderately difficult with some technical downhill and short uphill sections, and it could be extended for further riding or swimming at Marathias Beach.



Total distance (km)10
Duration2,5 hours
Difficultymoderate, technical
Target groupenthusiasts

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