Hike around Zante mountains in the area of Louha

Louha - Kiliomenos: Visit Zante's vineyard valley and Yperagathos Monastery among two of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Zakynthos

Price Range: From 20 € (for large groups) up to 35 €
Children (up to 14 years old), half price

The invasions of the pirates was the reason why many villages - as Loucha - were built in places hard to reach and well hidden. Starting our journey from this picturesque village of about fifty inhabitants, we cross a beautiful valley that combines the elements that characterize the scenery of mountainous Zakynthos: vines, cypresses, walnut trees and oaks, mastic and wild strawberry trees, tie in harmony with the old stone cultivations of farming support houses. The Monastery of Yperagathos is an ideal place for a refreshing stop before we get to Kiliomenos village with the remarkable belfry.

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