Zakynthos follows a great religion background. Centuries ago many monasteries had been established around the island. Today you can travel back in time by exploring the remaining footprints of these monasteries.

Hike around Zante mountains in the area of Louha

Louha - Kiliomenos: Visit Zante's vineyard valley and Yperagathos Monastery among two of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Zakynthos

Monastery of Spiliotisa

On a small valley, hidden on the the mountains there is an old monastery, that looks like it came out from a fairy tail.

The Monastery of The Virgin Anafonitria

While walking through the grounds with its beautiful stone buildings and gardens abundant with flowers you will feel a sense of calmness overcome you.

Saint George Monastery

Saint Georges Monastery is located in the area Gremnon, well known for its natural wild beauty.

The Abbey Of Ioannis the Precursor

Built back in 1617 the monastery is now pretty much deserted.

Skopos hike

Skopos: Up on the holy mountain - two old churches and unique panoramic view from the very top

Iperagathos hike

The plateau of Iperagathos Monastery with a plain that stretches continuously. Suited to everyone

Vrachion Mountain Crossing

Walk and ride through the spine of the island, admiring the beautiful panoramic view! The route can be walked or ridden by experienced hikers and cyclists.

Iperagathos MTB trail

Amazing ride through a plateau with mixed forest and agricultural landscape. Suitable for MTB enthusiasts

Skopos MTB trail

Ride to the tip of Skopos Mountain at Argassi with fantastic views of the sea throughout the route. For skilled riders