Snorkeling in Zakynthos

Zakynthos turns out to be one of the best places to to view and experience mediterranean marine life

The Mediterranean sea may not be full of spectacular and colorful fishes as with some of the tropical seas but nevertheless it does have its own unique beauty. The main problem with the mediterranean sea is that due to it being a closed ecosystem it has suffered quite a lot of damage from pollution and from large fishing boats. Zakynthos is one of the few places in the Mediterranean sea that can still offer clean waters full of marine life. The national marine park helped a great deal on reproducing a healthy marine life. Today snorkeling in the clean crystal waters of Zakynthos will give you the chance to observe plenty of fishes, turtles and even (if you are lucky) seals. As I mentioned before, Zakynthos sea life may not include fishes as impressing as a tropical sea does but it does have some spectacular small reefs full of marine life in shallow, crystal clear, calm waters. This means you don't have to be an experienced diver in order to have a wonderful marine experience, in fact even young children can enjoy a safe snorkelling “walk”. I would recommend diving or snorkelling either early or late in the day as this when the sunlight creates a nice effect when reflected off the sea. There are plenty of snorkeling sites in Zakynthos. On the map above we present just a few of them (the ones marked with orange color are prefered by slightly more experienced divers.)