Taverna Varkarola

A restaurant that brings the traditional Zakynthian gastronomy accompanied by authentic Zakynthian songs (kantades).

In the coastal road of Zakynthos island is from 2011 the taverna Varkarola.
In Varkarola you can enjoy a variety of traditional cooked dishes, fresh fish of the day , always made ​​with fresh quality ingredients.
The Varkarola restaurant revives daily Zakynthian serenades accompanied by mandolin, guitar and three voices, showing you a picture of a topical rich musical tradition.

Knuckle of pork

Pork marinated in beer and fresh herbs, baked and served with fresh cut potatoes

Rabbit olive oil and oregano

Rabbit made in the pot with extra virgin olive oil and oregano and traditional olive cheese

Pancetta filled

Pancetta filled in the hull with a variety of peppers, onion glaze and traditional graviera cheese of Zakynthos

Beef "Sofrito"

A Zakynthian version of a famous Corfu dish, adapted to Zakynthian culinary habits

Address: Zakynthos Town

Phone: +30 26950 26999