Wine in Zakynthos

Zakynthos has many large vineyards all over the island which produce different types of wine

Traditionally, the cultivation of grapes is one of the main concerns of the Zakynthians. This comes from ancient times. Even then, Zakynthos was famous for its wines. The Venetians took care of it at the time of their rule to the intensive cultivation of wine grapes. The wine region starts in the middle part of the north, in the bay of Alykes, and extends to the Gulf of Laganas. Here is the fertile plain of the island where the Zakynthians grow the grapes from which the tasty, local wine is produced. It should be emphasized how important the wine and its culture was, even in ancient times. There were only two crimes that were punishable by death; betrayal, and the black market in wine grapes! The soil of Zakynthos gives the grapes a very special flavour, so the local wine, Verdea, is much requested. People love to drink it with local feta, served with olive oil. .The wine is often produced by the tavern owners themselves. Almost every family makes their own wine. This is something still done in the traditional way: the wine is stamped with the feet. source: