Diver's training courses

Diver's training courses


If you would like to learn how to dive this is your chance. Follow our diving course for beginners.

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Diver's training courses

For any booking we should be contact at least two days in advance

In order to get the first certificate for diving we will go through the following process.

First you'll have to read the five modules of your PADI OWD MANUAL.

Then we will go over the Knowledge Review Questions after each module. Your instructor will discuss important issues in detail, introduce you to the equipment and, off course, answer all of your questions. Your knowledge will be tested by the Quizzes and after this has been checked and discussed you will make the Final Exam.

After all the theory we continue our practice in the pool. We follow some exercises to get used to the equipment and to learn some important skills that are necessary for safe Scuba Diving.

Next step, after finishing the Pool Dives, we go for the real thing. We will start, The Open Water Dives, where we will test your skills again but this time in a real under water environment. Off course, your Instructor will accompany you.

Finally, after finishing the 4 Open Water Dives, you will receive the PADI OPEN WATER certificate that enables you to go diving without an instructor worldwide. And a bonus, you will get 1 free Fundive from us to explore what we have thought you.

The  first certification course lasts 4 days. Each daily training lasts 4 hours.