Virtuallity Tour of Zakynthos

A unique virtuallity walk in the present and the past. Visit old Zakynthos as it used to be before the earthquake of 1953

If you would like to have a cultural and historical walk in the city of Zakynthos.

The trips starts from the Bohali (the hill on the background of Zakynthos Town) of the town and continues through a medieval Venetian path to the centre of the city of Zakynthos.

There, with the use of android-tablets (which we provide,) you will be a able to have small virtuallity tour in the old Venetian town of Zakynthos.

The city of Zakynthos was destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake on 1953. Today through an inovative application you are able to have a walk to the past.

This virtuallity tour is unique in the world and... still experimental.

Join us in a experience out of this world...literally

For more information have a look at TimeMachine Project