Sea Kayak trip to the Keri Caves of Zakynthos

Sea Kayak trip to the Keri Caves of Zakynthos



Explore the Keri Caves of Zakynthos with Sea Kayak. Snorkel inside the caves and try to spot turtles

Sea Kayak trip to the Keri Caves of Zakynthos

At the Keri caves kayaking trip we will explore the coastline in the south part of the Island. We begin our kayaking trip at Keri lake. From there we slowly paddle away from the little harbor of Keri warming up for our daily adventure.
With the beautiful view of Lagana's bay, Marathonisi Island (turtle Island), we enjoy the amazing nature of Zakynthos.
You will have the chance to visit the area of Keri caves alongside with Marathonisi island (turtle island) where you can observe also where the Caretta-Caretta turtles nest and lay eggs every year.
Crossing the crystal clear blue waters with our kayak, exploring hidden caves and inlets, snorkel our way into the beauties of the Mediterranean sea and taking our time to relax and swim at one of the private beaches of the south coast. With a sea kayaking activity, you will feel closer to the nature.
After our Daily adventure we paddle back to the harbor of Keri and from there back to your resorts, leaving you with fantastic memories of the day.

Paddling distance: 4,5 Nautical miles

Trip duration: 3.5 hours paddling + snorkeling

Return time: 14.30 max. 15.00

Difficulty level: easy

*The daily kayak trips include the transportation (if necessary), the kayaking / snorkeling equipment, photos of your trip.
What you will need to bring is your swimwear, a towel, sunblock (hat and sunscreen), your beautiful smile and your good mood.
Our kayaks are stable and easy to paddle. Our basic principle is to have fun, always keeping safety first.