Sea Kayak trip to the Keri Caves of Zakynthos

Explore the Keri Caves of Zakynthos with Sea Kayak. Snorkel inside the caves and try to spot turtles

Sea kayak is the best way to visit the remote beaches and sea caves of Zakynthos.

The whole trip takes 4 hours.

We pick you up around 8.00 (it depends on where you are accommodated) in order to be at Keri Lake around 9.00.

Then we move on to slowly paddle for about an hour. You don't have to worry about holding the pace, our special sea kayaks are very comfortable and are formed in such way that can be used even by people that have not been exercising at all.

After that we stop for rest and snorkel for about 1.30 hour. Snorkeling takes place in the  caves and reefs full of mediteranian fish life.

Finally we start paddling back, taking a route that goes through many different caves. The way back is much easier since it involves a lot of stops.

The whole trip finishes around 1.30pm so at about 2.30 you are back at the hotel.

Our basic principle is to have fun always keeping safety first.

During the trip we provide snorkeling gear, a few bottles of water and some local light snacks (pasteli).

Phone: (+30) 6980 991198