Summer Academy

Summer Academy

Summer Academy is an unique alternative holiday experience

Summer Academy

The `Summer Acadamy` is an Austrian based company which ensures that you can enjoy your holidays while taking part in any number of the following creative activities and lessons.

Summer Academy offers (as package holidays) accommodation in a wonderful place next to the sea in the area of Vasilikos (Zakynthos).


Summer Academy offers the following classes:

  • Dancing Lessons
  • Drawing Lessons
  • Ceramics,pottery Lessons
  • Sculptural Art
  • Music and singing
  • Photography
  • Theater
  • Shiatsu 
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

It also offers the following activities:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Trekking
  • Archery

Apart from the classes and the activities in Summer Academy every summer several events are taking place such as: Art exhibitions parties etc.
Any one who would like to participate to these activities can also join.