Join our adventurous 7 day photography holiday and get out and around, to explore and capture the treasures of Zakynthos


We all think we know what photography is about. We’ve seen so many pictures and taken some ourselves. It is also so straight forward, it seems like there are no secrets. But how do some people manage to make their photos look more interesting and more lively than others? Is there a secret? Is there a recipe, so that everybody can make a great picture? Is this what photography is all about? And why some people call it Art? How can you infuse life into a picture? Why some people come back from their holiday with so many great pictures while others don’t.

Whether you are an amateur or experienced photographer, take some time into exploring the world of photography. Find out how photography can change your life. Not just the way you see things through your viewfinder but the way you see the whole world. Take that important step further from looking … into seeing. Move from the surface into the essence of things. Find out how many different views of the world exist. Discover how you can create your personal images and make them magical!!! This is the world of photography that we will explore.

Join our adventurous 7 day photography holiday and get out and around, to explore and capture the treasures of Zakynthos. Swim in enchanting beaches, relax and enjoy the beauties of this magical island, while experiencing an inspiring photo tour. Dimitri will encourage you to forget all you ever thought you knew about photography and welcome you to see the world through fresh eyes. Open your eyes to the world, from a different point of view, through the eyes of your heart and not your logic.

Our goals are:

  • to open our eyes to explore a different world
  • to enjoy the island and discover the hidden treasures that lie around us and can only be discovered through our photography lens
  • to use our camera to make the unimportant important
  • to learn how to see and not just look
  • to come closer to ourselves
  • to express and communicate
  • to understand each other
  • to find the magic in life and create some of our own

Weekly Schedule

Day 1 Arrival, welcome meeting, new ideas

In the evening you will meet Dimitri, your photography guide to give you an insight of all the wonderful things there are for you to discover. You will discuss the program and design together the perfect itinerary to make the very best of your photography holiday time.

Day 2 Loose yourself in Zante town. The actual treasure hunt begins...

The adventure starts with a visit to the very top of Zante Town, Bohali, the old Venetian Castle. Dimitri will be there to help you feel confident ant at ease with your camera equipment. A leisurely walk through the pine forest, the cobblestone streets will lead us down to the harbor with the fishing boats sit. Time to explore the hidden gems, soak up the amazing local history and culture. Why not taste authentic local products relax with a nice cofee or enjoy lunch in one of the local tavernas.
In the evening, we meet again at the hotel and spend a couple of pleasant hours having a photo critic session, over drinks and fresh fruits.

Day 3 Having fun at Gerakas beach

The beach of Gerakas makes the perfect setting for today’s photography workshop. We will walk down the cliffs with the Second World War gun turrets above to arrive at the picturesque beach were we will take today’s shots. You’ll also have the chance to use an underwater camera and capture the wonderful underwater world of Zakynthos. Today’s objective is to have fun and see if this transpires to in our pictures. If you feel hungry, there’s an ample choice of tavernas where you can enjoy a delightful beach lunch.

Day 4 Free day

Day 5 Photo critic session

In the evening, we will meet at the hotel, for our second photo critic session over cheese and wine. By now you are becoming more familiar with the do’s and don’ts of creative photography and finding what delights you most, as each of us has a different appreciation of the natural world.

Day 6 Behind the scenes

Today, together with Dimitri, you will explore the hidden treasures located in the north part of the island, a paradise of natural beauty. The journey is planned so that you get a local’s feeling for the island, avoiding all the usual spots that the mass tourists visit. We will explore the little known paths off the beaten track, familiar only to locals. We will take a tour through the picturesque villages Louha & Giri, which still retain their traditional characteristics, wander around the colorful alleys, visit ruins of old oil mills and enjoy the glorious countryside. Hectares of cultivated land, spread before us, vineyards, olive groves, farms and tiny family owned factories compliment this beautiful rural setting. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a rustic country lunch, tantalizing your taste buds with yet more delicious home produced food.

Day 7 Presentation workshop, Farewell party

Enjoy your day and in the evening meet at the hotel to discuss the results of your work and share your experiences with the team. Dimitri in the meantime will work hard behind the scenes to prepare a presentation of everybody’s “best of” of the week and also help you create a portfolio of your vacation work and set your new goals in your photographic quest. Phew! A grand finale to a great week!

Groups 2-6 people *Cost per person 150€
Info- reservtions Tel +306976110006