Scenic path of Bohali Fortress

Scenic path of Bohali Fortress

Old Venetian street that connects the town of Zakynthos with the Venetian fortress

Scenic path of Bohali Fortress

This is the old Venetian street that connected the old Venitian fortress with Zakynthos` harbour.

Along the route you will find many small churches including Saint Barbara, St.George, Virgin Mary Pikridiotissa, Bohalis and Chrysopigi.

Many parts of the road remain in their initial form as made 300 years ago.

As you stroll up the road you will soon reach the forest that surrounds the fortress. It has an amazing view, as you can see the harbour of Zakynthos through the branches of the trees.

At the end of the route you will reach Bohali which has numerous cafes in which you can find refreshments, sit back and relax while looking over Zante Town.


Now to view the path go to the top of the page and click on `view on map`, navigate your way to Zakynthos Town and you will see the path highlighted in blue.