Snorkeling in Gerakas

Snorkeling in Gerakas

Explore the underwater gardens of the national marine park of Zakynthos

Snorkeling in Gerakas

Gerakas is one of the most famous beaches of Zakynthos. Not just because it is beautiful but also because is in the premisses of the national marine park of Zakynthos being one of the most important nested fields of Kareta Kareta.

Gerakas is part of the absolute protection zone which you can only swim in this area since no floating vessels (not even sea kayaks) are allowed.

Due to this protection the sea area of Gerakas is full of sea life offering gardens of underwater flowers full of relaxed fishes. These conditions make Gerakas ideal for snorkeling.

The water level does not over exceeds the depth of 10 meters. At the same time the sea is always so calm in the gulf of Gerakas, that makes the place ideal for beginners or little kids that want to learn how to snorkel.


Our trip starts around 9.00 am.

We will pick you up from your place and head to Gerakas.

There we will provide you with all the necessary snorkeling gears and then your little adventure will begin.

Our snorkeling instructor we will guide you through a marvelous “water walk” through amazing mediterranean sea life. If you are lucky, there is a good chance that you will meet Kareta Kareta turtles.

As we go we take underwater pictures so you wont forget this unique experience in the sea environment of Zakynthos.

The adventures takes about 2 hours but it really depends on you… if you want more we just keep on going.