Deep Water Solo Climbing

Deep Water Solo Climbing

Zakynthos offers some of the most unique sites in Mediterranean coasts for deep water solloing

Deep Water Solo Climbing

This particular type of climbing uses the water as a climbing safety. To make sure that you will hit the water in case you fall (and not the rocks) you need sites where the rocks rise from the sea in a negative angle. Zakynthos is an ideal place for this type of climbing.

Since the west and north coast of the island is full of sea caves, rock arches and cliffs that rise towards the sea makes Zakynthos an ideal place for deep water soloing.

Just imagine that some rock arches rise up to 30meters above the sea level and many caves form openings that rise more than 10meters above the sea level.

On the 12th of July a team of experienced climbers visited Zakynthos including the national Greek climbing champion Aristomenis Thanopoulo and the Cypruit climbing champion Stefanos Papadopoulos. The team spent a weekend searching and testing several climbing sea sites suitable for soloing and they where able to find quite many. What is impressive about Zakynthos is that the quality of the rocks and the climbing experience that is offered can be compared with other well known climbing sites as in Italy or in Mallorca.

In the photos you can see climbing moments on Korakonisi and in the Caves of Keri.

So if you are up for climbing holidays and you want to try something new just visit Zakynthos.

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